Officehack – first playable version

Officehack has its first very basic playable version, you can find the game here or under . If you run into any issues or suggestions feel free to report them to or comment on this news post. The game will receive updates in the future to include more types of applications , more […]

Website updated

I’ve decided to extend the purpose of my website by also presenting the projects i am currently working on. My current project is my very own 2D canvas engine.   The main intention for this project is to provide tools to make games for myself but maybe people out there find my tools as useful […]

how do i random?

In the world of online and roleplay games a quite common phenomena , random chances to win an item. From 100% to ridiculous 0,01% or even lower everything is being represented and while the bigger numbers tend to be ignored , people get obsessed with smaller numbers. With that there come theory’s of randomness and […]

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