Subtris is a Tetris variant that analyses your pattern behaviour based on dropspeed , horizontal positioning when multiple positions are available aswell as piece spin position when multiple positions are available. After an initial learning period where the game analyzes your behaviour of [~15 minutes] the game begins. This learning period is unique since its being recorded to a players profile and is constantly updated during gameplay to adapt to players personal progress. The game detects intentional behaviour changes when too many factors get altered in a too short amount of time during multiple player turns and informs the player that a different player was detected and all the progress of this games session will not be recorded.
diff behaviour

During normal gameplay if the game detects different player behaviour within the bounds of normal behaviour the game will split into a player window and a cpu window. Both windows will receive the same pieces and the cpu will use the previously analyzed player behaviour to place the pieces as precise as possible including horizontal position , piece turn state and dropspeed. In addition the current score is split into 2 so both players receive the same score. All pieces in this mode are only half the amount of points worth. During the split phase the players moves are initially not recorded in the player profile to give the player a bit of a headstart to adjust to the different situation.

After [random] amount of turns the windows will fuse again placing the cpus pieces into the players field where space is available accordingly to the normal position. The scores of both players are added. Full lines are cleared in this process as they would during normal gameplay.

The game continues untill the player reaches the top of the field. The cpu can no cause the game to end , if a cpu reaches the top it simply stops and will wait for the fuse. If the fuse happens and the game is still in top state the game will end.

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